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We help keep you up to date on current economic and stock market news. Increase your knowledge base and watch your portfolio grow in a Bull or Bear market!

Research4U shares information from our hand picked sources so you can make better stock trading, Forex and investment decisions.

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Stock Market - Financial - and Global Geopolitical News

"WallStreetWindow is a website that has been providing insights into the financial markets and geopolitics since 2003. The two are beginning to merge more and more together to influence each other. BREXIT and the Trump election of 2016 are two recent examples while Bitcoin had been the story of 2017.

In 2018 year there had been a return to market volatility with a move down in bonds, the US dollar, and a collapse in the Bitcoin run.

2019 brought the rise of gold and a new Federal Reserve REPO operation to float markets up into 2020.

Things are starting to get interesting."

Mike Swanson

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“This book by James Baker was a real page turner for me. If you’re like me that has been tinkering in the market for years but yet not sure when to jump in, this is the book for you.

Mr. Baker takes away a lot of the fears and concerns by explaining how the market works and who or what is behind the bulls and the bears. All these so-called stock broker experts that I have paid to manage my stock portfolio for years are a thing of the past. Why do I need to pay them fees every quarter? You will not only learn what they know but your understanding will far exceed theirs. The valuable tips and suggestions contained in this book tell you what to do and where to look no matter which way the market swings. Get your confidence back by reading this book today.”

Scott R. Olsen

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